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What People Are Saying


Dr. Lesley, Veterinarian 

"I met Hannah through one of my dearest friends, and I believe she was sent into my life as a divine connection. I originally sought relationship and self-development coaching with Hannah to continue to heal the parts of me that seemed to be hindering my ability to find my divine life partner. I needed guidance on shifting my energy and perspective in order to magnetize my person, for this phase of my life, into my reality.

Through the Magnetic Love course, my experiences in the dating world completely transformed during this process. I began meeting men that were a more suited and healthier match, and ultimately, I connected with the wonderful human that I am currently dating. This romantic relationship is like none I have known—open, honest, and compassionate communication, patience, support, reassurance, and the willingness to work through challenges and really show up for one another are the cornerstones of our partnership. The vision board manifested!


Hannah is wise beyond her years, and my depth of gratitude for her guidance and compassion runs deep. I have participated in coaching with many types of therapists, because in my world, coaching/therapy is a staple and essentially a second full-time job. Hannah is exceptional. I recommend her self-development guidance without hesitation and with great enthusiasm."


Shan, Photographer & Designer

"It was a pleasure to experience a session with Hannah, tremendous guidance, light and support. Hannah checked in with me before our session began to see where I was mentally, physically and spiritually so we could dive into the work immediately. She helped me pin point where, how and why I have been experiencing severe anxiety. At the beginning of the session, I had a really thick wall in my heart space, and after a few breath works and other techniques Hannah walked me through, I felt SO much lighter, my chest felt like it could breathe again! I will continue using the techniques I’ve learned in just one session, and integrate it into my life. She also gave me homework to work on, which I personally really loved because it wasn’t just about the session, but working beyond the hour I had with her. I am beyond grateful to have Hannah in my life as a spiritual and self-care coach. Thank you Hannah :) "

Heart Confetti

Kara, Professional Admin

Thank you Hannah for creating such a safe and loving space. I have so much more knowledge about who I am and my previous experience of relationships. I enjoyed every moment of working with you and trust that I am tuning into my ultimate love vibration to attract my most compatible partner. 


Tamara, Healer

" When I first went to see Hannah, I knew nothing substantial about breathwork. Sure, I took deep breaths at red lights, but she opened me up to a whole new world of what is possible when we focus our intention and use our breath to balance masculine and feminine energy, clear our auric field, and even feel more connected to the source. I highly recommend her services. She has greatly impacted my life. She has also helped me tremendously by asking the right questions and helping me to be clear and positive in my own self talk. This lead to increased confidence in professional and interpersonal relationships, but most of all, the relationship I have with myself." 

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