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Self Love Coaching

The need for great internal healing comes before the journey of seeking partnership. 
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About VIP Self Love Coaching:

This program is a sacred space where you get 1:1 support & guidance to:
-Heal trauma & heart wounds

-Shift how you relate to yourself with love, acceptance, pleasure and empowerment

-Be witnessed and held in love of  your discoveries and expression of your truest self
-Claim your power

-Take up space

-Awaken your truest expression in life, love and all areas you desire

This Program is Unique to You!

This is a custom coaching experience designed to fit your needs in becoming your most authentic, total self loving and radical self accepting version of you. Whether your challenges are rooted in believing you're unlovable, unworthy, and are disconnected from your femininity or masculinity, or you have a lack of emotional regulation or a lack of pleasure in life, this program will support you.

Through this unique program will get:
- Tools and processes rooted in neurology and spirituality, supporting the growth of living a joyful, pleasure filled life 
- Healing and integration practices to release fear, shame, guilt, anger and trauma so you can claim your personal power, love and self worth

- A sacred space to be 100% authentic and be held with love and compassion 

What you may experience in VIP Self Love Coaching:

Inner Child Healing


Somatic Healing 

Gentle Trauma Release Technique 

Masculine and Feminine Polarity Attraction

Manifestation Techniques

Total Self Love


Emotional Integration for Emotional Fluidity 

Conscious Dating Activations

Parental Dynamic Integration

Shadow Alchemy

Sex Magic 

Pleasure Practices 


Ansestral Healing

Dating Strategies 

Communication Strategies

Conscious Partnership Basics

Energy Healing

Body Meditation 

Apply for a Complimentary Call to See if Self Love Coaching is Right for You

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