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Soul Mate Attraction Coaching 

Liberate your love story, heal your love wounds & amplify your attraction levels to call in your soul mate with a program designed specifically for YOU
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VIP Soul Mate Attraction Coaching:

This program is a potent space where you get 1:1 support & guidance to:
-Heal and rewrite your love story
-Be witnessed and held in love of  your discoveries and expression of your truest self
-Awaken your attraction through integrating your love wounds

-Embrace self love so you can create partnership from an empowered place

In this potent transformational program, you will get:

  • Tools and practices that transform the way you show up every day to be authentic, embodied, empowered and in YOUR truest expression 

  • Deep healing to release heart wounds, trauma, guilt, shame and deep rooted limiting beliefs so you can claim your worth, power and unconditional love for yourself

  • Powerful practices to reprogram your nervous system so you can experience dating and the coupling process with uplifted states of love, celebration, joy and inner peace.

  • Manifestation practices that can be used with love, money, career and what you truly desire in life.

What you may experience in VIP Soul Mate Attraction Coaching

In VIP Soul Mate Attraction Coaching, you are a single person who is ready for conscious love, who wants to work 1:1 with me and completely change the way you approach dating, self love, how you experience yourself around love. Feel totally seen and held in your most authentic self expression.


This sacred container is designed to guide you through the ins and outs of attracting your true love and healing what is in the way of true love becoming a reality. 

Through the working of this custom, co creative alchemy that is the Soul Mate Attraction, you will learn to date from a place of empowerment, that has kept them from successful love in the first place. You will heal and integrate love wounds like:

Inner Child Healing


Somatic Healing 

Gentle Trauma Release Technique 

Manifestation Techniques

Total Self Love


Emotional Integration for Emotional Fluidity 

Conscious Dating Activations

Parental Dynamic Integration

Shadow Alchemy

Sex Magic 


Dating Strategies 

Communication Strategies

Conscious Partnership Basics

Masculine and Feminine Polarity Attractions 

Apply for a Complimentary Call to See if Soul Mate Attraction Coaching is Right for You

-Lack of trust

-Low self worth

-Fear of intimacy

-Inability to receive love

-Lack of self love

-Self doubt


-Feeling unlovable

-Traumatizing breakups

-Not feeling good enough 

Things you'll experience in the Conscious Dating Academy:
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