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Healer. Lover. Intuitive. Coach

Denver, CO

My Journey into becoming a love, sex and relationship coach began in 2017 after a breakup. During this short relationship I led myself down a dark spiral in trying to prove my worth to this man, bending over backwards to be what I thought he wanted. When the relationship ended it hurt, not only from the sting of the breakup, but because I realized that I had abandoned myself in the process. 


I made a commitment to myself that I would change the way I approached dating. I went on a 5 month long journey into myself. I discovered where I was not in total self love with myself and healed it, I dug deep into what I truly desired in a partner and stood in the power of my value as a partner for someone else. 

Many lessons came my way that strengthened these new patterns I created. And at the end of my 5 month journey I met my now fiance, Darren. After meeting him I kept thinking about how potent and powerful my process was in meeting him and decided to make a program for singles. Naturally, my passion continued into the science of love, sex and relationships. 

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