Hi, I'm Hannah Grayce Stone!

I am a Love, Sex & Relationship Coach

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One of the most common questions I am asked when I tell people what I do is, "how did you get into being a love, sex and relationship coach?" 

I'd love to share with you a defining moment of my life that led me to where I am today 

 – coaching people like you on exactly what to do to attract their soul mate and support those within relationships to create deeper levels of connection and clarity so they can love in their fullest expression!


Through this journey of mine I have helped people feel more safe and secure in their relationships, develop higher levels of communication, date with confidence, have their first orgasm, release past experience and step into a place of freedom to be their authentic self within their love life.


This defining moment in my life happened in 2018 that led me to manifest my most compatible partner...


I was living in San Francisco at the time and I had felt a sorrowful yearning for a romantic partnership for a while. I was dating like it was my job. I was on ALL the dating sites and fearful that I may never find a partner. I clung to relationships that were not serving me because I desperately wanted to be in an intimate romantic relationship. I kept attracting men who were dating me for fun- not looking for anything serious. It was very painful knowing that the people I wanted didn't want me or weren’t good for me.

I ended up really falling for this guy who was a in a masters program at Cal Berkeley in Oakland, California. He was handsome, well spoken, intelligent and super athletic but boy, oh boy it was so unhealthy for me to be in! He was so charismatic but treated me poorly. I kept trying to make it work by chasing him and this idea of what we could be. I was attracted to him and his ego yet wanted to teach him about my spiritual ways and create a deep soulful connection. I was compromising my values without even realizing it. I felt like I was eating his trail of breadcrumbs and all I got was debilitating anxiety and low self worth. I craved safety within the relationship. I wanted him to love me the way I could love him and it was never going to happen. He ended things with me and I was angry, frustrated, hurt and felt like I had wasted so much time and energy.


It was frustrating to have a rollercoaster of emotions of desire, wishful thinking and hope, but I really didn't know how to date properly. I had poor boundaries, barely knew myself and what I wanted and didn’t know how to navigate early stages of a relationship.


After this guy from Cal Berkeley- the one who sent me through the ringer- I healed my wounds, went on one more date & did the SAME THING as I did before- dating just for “fun” yet desperately hoping for my soulmate. Then- I woke up. I realized that I needed to take a break from dating to get SUPER clear on what I wanted.

I did the inner work to understand myself. I felt powerful, clear and certain about exactly who I wanted. I connected deeply with my entire being during this time and I began dating again--consciously.

The conscious dating process led me to understand exactly what I needed to do to bring this person into my life. I knew that I had a ton of energy leaks from people I had dated that had ended messy, so I closed all those doors and asked for forgiveness. I was more aware of the people I was dating and was more intentional about the questions I asked. I honored my boundaries and let the men I dated know if they did not have what I needed, confirming to myself and the universe that I was powerful and worthy of what I wanted. And I knew- from the pages of internal discovery- that I wanted someone intelligent and spiritual, (which is actually very hard to find.)

During that time I attracted three doctors- the first two were very scientific based and knew that they would never get me as I am a WOO WOO QUEEN.  Through the many people who came into my life during that time, I was met with moments of expansion and a deep understanding of myself and lessons or validations on my values. I wasn't afraid to tell people I dated if they weren't the right person for me. I could confidently communicate what I wanted to say in a way that was honoring them as much as me and it was empowering for both of us. This created a huge shift in my life. 

When I met my most compatible partner, Darren, his intelligence and spirituality shined BRIGHT through our conversations. My attraction to him was magnetic, electric and soul shifting. There are certain things that happen when you reunite with your soulmate- and all of those things happened to me.


My heart raced and I had difficulty speaking, I had vision and dreams about him before we had even met. On the 4th date I even found out that he too had been manifesting- and he told me I matched all the attributes on his list!

I was so shocked that he had also been manifesting too. I still wanted to know that he was the right one- I kept everything sacred within myself and honored my process, so it wasn't until the 6th time we hung out that I shared that I too had a list and he matched all the characteristics I desired in a partner. From that point on we took the next few months sharing the attributes on each others’ lists.


We now live in Denver, CO and have BIG plans for our future together. In this relationship we both get amazing support on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. I feel seen and acknowledged on all levels. It is safe, comfortable, passionate and playful. There is so much fun and love that it almost feels surreal. It is also very validating knowing that I am worthy of all the things I desire. I manifested someone amazing into my life and I know that I can manifest anything.

In the beginning of my career I was only working with singles, but as my relationship with Darren has grown, so has my passion for understanding the science and spirituality behind successful relationships, sexuality and love. I love giving people the tools THEY need to create their most optimal love life.


Now, I have dedicated my professional life to teaching conscious & successful men and women exactly what I learned about manifestation

and help them call in and align to their most compatible partner and guide them into creating a solid foundation for Legendary Love while also facilitating those within a relationship into their most optimal expressions of love & intimacy. 


Since then, I have worked with many private clients, spoken infront of countless groups and have lived my dream of changing people's love life and getting to do so while traveling the world, loving and expanding my relationship with my most compatible partner, maintaining a healthy lifestyle filled with adventure, delicious food, financial abundance, transcendent soul-filled sex and a strong body & mind. 

You can have all of this too. 

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