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Big O Breath

Connect deeper with your body, boost orgasmic power, activate life force

This biweekly online class is designed for women who are desiring a deeper connection with their body to have more sensation & energy during sexual experiences. Expect new information and perspectives each week with powerful breath and active body meditations!

Through working with many women and their sexuality, I have come to understand that one of the biggest blockages women face around living a life full of pleasure, experiencing pleasure or an orgasm is a lack of connection to their body.

Through Big O Breath, I will guide you into the spaces to truly access the layers you need in order to increase sensation in your pleasure centers. So you can connect deeper to your body, boost orgasmic power and activate your life force. 

This is so important for us as women because when we have clear connection to our sexuality, our personal power increases, or confidence in dating, love and relationships increase and we operate from a space of energetic power that we can call in the things that are truly in alignment with out souls. 

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