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Pleasure Priestess Coaching

Awaken your sexual nature as the priestess of your temple


Introduction to Pleasure Priestess Coaching

This program is designed to fit your needs. This is a sacred space where you get to:
-Claim your power as pleasure & sexual priestess
-Step into the juicy, pleasurable, confident empowering, orgasmic priestess that you desire

-Be witnessed and held in love of  your discoveries and expression of your truest self
-Awaken your pleasure through restoring connection to your body
-Activate your divine feminine 
-Be the sovereign Queen of  your body and pleasure


  • Tools and pleasure practices that transform the way you show up to be confident with your body, sexuality and sensuality

  • Processes to unlock your magical, feminine and primal sexual nature

  • Deep healing to release sexual wounds, trauma, guilt, shame and deep rooted limiting beliefs so you can claim your sovereignty, sexual power and unconditional love for yourself

  • A custom program to support you in creating your most desirable states of being! 

In this sacred transformational program, you will get:

What you'll experience in Pleasure Priestess Coaching

Pleasure Priestess coaching is designed specifically to meet your needs on your journey to becoming a sexually empowered, sensual, feminine goddess. This container supports you in moving through:


Pussy Talk


Somatic Healing 

Gentle Trauma Release Technique 

Manifestation Techniques

Total Self Love


Integration for Emotional Fluidity 

Parental Dynamic Integration

Shadow Alchemy

Sex Magic

Rewriting your Sexual Story

Communication Strategies for Needs

Tantric Activations

Soul Fragment Call Back

Desire Mapping

Inner Child Healing

-Not being able to speak your needs

-Understanding your needs 

-Uncovering the unapologetic sexual badass within you

-Loving yourself 

-Sexual Liberation 

-Feeling unlovable 

-Sexual numbness 

-Disassociation during intimate moments

-An inability to orgasm 

-Getting stuck in your head 

-Giving your body away too quickly

-Sexual shame, guilt and embarrassment  

-Feeling wrong and unworthy

Processes in Pleasure Priestess Coaching:

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