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Dating  /  Soulmate Attraction / Self Love /  Intimacy / Empowerment /  Communication / Heart Wounds        

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Finding a Deeper Meaning 

My soul's mission is to create more love on the planet. I do that through helping singles come into greater levels of alignment with themselves so they can attract the person they are most compatible with and give them the building blocks for long term success. 

This aligns with one of my greatest passions of working with women in their sexuality, femininity and pleasure. 

My processes are rooted in compassion & encouragement with the intention to reach edges to unlock inner discoveries. 

What People Are Saying


Christopher Chad 
Entrepreneur & Writer 

I met Hannah through a community of mutual friends, and from the moment that we first spoke, I knew instantly that Hannah possesses very powerful healing gifts.

After just one single casual conversation, I felt completely safe in the space that Hannah held. I felt that I could be vulnerable, honest, and open about myself to her. Something that I have actually never experienced before. The first of many miracles that Hannah would help me experience.

I asked Hannah for her coaching because I recognized blockages in myself that I could not move on my own. I could sense that help was needed, like I needed a safe space to speak openly about what was weighing me down, and also the guidance of a healer to show me the way to heal.

Through my work with Hannah in our coaching sessions, I have experienced a profound Heart Center Healing that has manifested very tangible results. With Hannah’s guidance and coaching I have 
   ⁃    Healed a 20 year wound with my mother (that later healed her wound with my father)
   ⁃    Attracted the woman from my dreams
   ⁃    Become very clear with myself about what I want and how I plan to accomplish it 
   ⁃    Rapidly manifested the goals that I have set for myself
   ⁃    Felt the freedom and confidence to sing and play music for others again 
   ⁃    Started writing so that others may benefit from the lessons I have learned the hard way 

I highly recommend Hannah’s Coaching if you have ever felt in your heart that there is more to life than what you are experiencing, but you are not clear on exactly what to do to experience it. She has an incredible gift of holding a safe and sacred space, as well as the wisdom to guide someone to profound healing. 

Hannah, thank you so much for the help that you have given to me, and for the healing that I have experienced for myself and my family. I love you dearly.

Stacked Wooden Logs

Owner of Nightwood Horticulture Cannabis Farm

I came to coach Hannah after a pretty traumatizing break up. I was unclear on where I stood in the world, unclear of certain behaviors that I was developing, and was battling a load of shame and guilt. The beauty of my trauma is that it broke open my foundational and fundamental belief systems that were in desperate need of repair.


All my sessions with Hannah have been powerful. All my sessions addressed deep rooted emotions that were reoccurring on a daily basis. I didn’t realize how much “data” my body was storing. I had so many deep purges with Hannah that my life began to transform. I came to terms that the relationship I was in exhausted me and that it had been over for a long time. I came to terms that I struggled to make it work. I realized I was out of alignment with work, which has always been my top priority. I was out of alignment with self, which I felt like I never had enough space to take care of myself, or be heard/understood. I was living through multiple projections that were not my own, and struggling to know what thoughts were the truth.


After month 5 my life took a major turn. I stepped into a powerful work position as Chief Officer of Operations, enjoying a solid 6 figure salary in the wine Capitol of the world. My stories completed changed. I signed a lease to a 3,000 sq foot office in a vineyard. This was the first time I ever took a chance on myself. My consulting work started stabilizing. I developed strong boundaries both emotionally and spiritually. I started strength training. I began reading again, writing, and enjoying the intellectual parts of myself.


The best part, above all, is I stepped into partnership with one of the most powerful beings I have ever met In my life. I had been “met” by other, a new circumstance for me.


It’s funny, because when I first met Hannah I wanted to work with her because I felt so out of alignment with relationships and I was trying to fix them all. As my worked deepened I realized all my relationships were out of alignment and it transformed me into throughly and honestly working on myself. It showed me the path of stepping fully into the truth and my truth.


I returned home to my self. I returned back to self love, self awareness, connecting with higher vibrational emotions, but above all, a return to love consciousness. I can’t thank Hannah enough for supporting me through some of my darkest days. Her capacity to hold space, provide solutions, enter into unknown and dark places with ease and Grace, her kind language and nonjudgmental demeanor gave me space to be who I am and was, and to heal. To be fully seen and heard throughout the process gave me great insights to clear and transform myself.


I look forward to continuing my work with Hannah for years to come and can not recommend her enough.

Located in Denver Colorado
Serving people all over the world

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