Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is for an individual within a relationship looking for support or couples looking to make change together. Whether you're looking to break through intimacy troubles within the sexual, emotional, experiential or intellectual realm. Want to make sure you're right for each other before tying the knot, need support in coming back to self within your relationship or need support navigating a difficult time or any other challenge or need, I am here for you.

Are you:

Feeling like you've lost a part of yourself in your relationship?

Experiencing anger, shame, guilt, frustration?

Struggling with the physical side of intimacy?

Having arguments where you end up hurting each other?

And your partner showing up more as friends than lovers?

Craving more connection, intimacy and vulnerability but not sure where to start?

Experiencing high levels of conflict?

Ready to take your relationship to the next level?

Craving more balance in your life?

Having a difficult time showing up authentically in your partnership?

Thinking he or she is right for you but you want to make sure before you pop the question?

These are just some of the areas of support I offer. If you're experiencing anything not listed, I encourage you to schedule a one on one with me to discuss it, here. 


Step into the highest potential of your partnership! Relationship coaching with me is compassionate, direct, empowering and holistic. I incorporate transformational & self developmental processes with esoteric knowledge and powerful coaching questions to get to the root of the issue. Effective communication is the key to all successful relationships. Learn profound strategies that allows for an awakening of compassionate, heartfelt communication to arise in the relationship. This allows BOTH people in the relationship feel heard, understood and cared for. 

I work with couples who are seeking coaching as well as individuals within a relationship that want to work one on one. 

Relationships are so incredibly beautiful, complex and different for everyone. I encourage you to schedule a free intro call with me where we can discuss what your needs are and what has been challenging for you!

Book a complimentary intro call with me to see if
Relationship Coaching is right for you!