Date Coaching 

Are you: 
-Exhausted with dating the "wrong people??"

-Scared you'll be alone forever?

-Awkward, uncomfortable and have an inability to communicate effectively?
-Losing hope with love?

-Having a difficult time envisioning what your future holds and what type of romantic relationship you want?

-Tired of dating the same "type" of person?

-Feeling like you want to get back out into the dating world but don't know where to start?

-Holding onto past relationships?

-Operating in a lack of confidence with dating?

-In the mindset that the right person just does not exist for you?

-Frustrated with getting thrown into the friend zone over and over again?

-Concerned that you may never find that special someone?

-Committed to a life of growth, evolution & transformation?! 

-Ready for TRUE LOVE?!

Date coaching with Hannah Stone provides a powerful, magical and transformative experiences for men and women. Through coaching, clients feel more attractive, confident and in themselves and their dating experience and have great success in creating long lasting soulful love! 

Over the course of this three month container, you will have the opportunity to experience total expansiveness & transformation in how you relate to yourself & potential partners with dating. In order to call in your most compatible partner it is so important to have a great understanding of yourself, your blueprint; where you came from, where you're at now and what your vision is for the future. How will you know who your compatible with if you're not sure who YOU are? 

Taking yourself out on a date is a classic idea of people "getting to know themselves." But, how much time during that solo dinner is actually spent understanding or doing the work to TRULY know yourself, your values, your blueprint, your attachment style or why recent dates just haven't worked out... Save yourself a solo meal and invest in knowing yourself to attract your most compatible partnership. 

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Date Coaching is right for you!